About Us

At Young Empire we love fairy tales, so much so that we’ve brought them to life in the most incredible children’s furniture!

We’ve developed a unique furniture system which is as practical as it is beautiful. Our modular furniture is at the heart of the magic, providing all the necessary elements for the comfort and needs of your child. Each piece can be combined with any other to create a layout unique to you and your child’s bedroom.

Made to the highest quality and safety standards from laminated birch plywood, the furniture is designed to last and last...

Once the modular furniture has been chosen and arranged, it’s time to ‘dress it up’!

We’ve created a range of decorative themes that will delight and enchant young and old alike. Every decorative theme is designed to be fitted to each and every one of the modular furniture pieces, no matter how they are arranged.

We know that as children grow up, their tastes and interests change, that’s why our unique decorative panel system makes it really easy to change from one theme to another. So when your child grows out of one theme, you can just switch it up to another, without having to change all the furniture around.

We’ll be rolling out new themes over the months and years to come, with themes aimed at both younger children and teenagers, Young Empire will grow with you!

Download our Brochure (5.8Mb)